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Windows 10 privacy settings during the installation

Although we are a big fan of Windows, the operating system of our 10 best what less information to Microsoft. We showed you earlier, see how you can set your privacy if you have already installed Windows 10, but it’s easier if you already doing before your Windows 10. That is how you during the installation of Windows 10 your privacy settings.
If you have already installed Windows 10, then you can change privacy settings. How you do that, you can read here.

With these options you can set your privacy settings in Windows 10 keys already while you install the operating system. The options work both for when you install new OS, like when you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.

At the bottom-left click on ’ adjust settings ’. With it you can set manually when you want to share with others.

Notice here also on the “more information” button. There you get to see additional info about your personal data exactly for which Microsoft used-if you feel like that thousands of words legal language by plowing …

You see here are all your privacy settings,


which all sliders are enabled by default. You can here per checkbox checked or you want Windows 10 it can and not used. Pay particular attention to the third option: ’ Apps may use your advertising id… ’. Who is viciously because you personal information to advertisers. Moreover, it is not clear what exactly is sent, so put that matter anyway.

Please note: not all privacy options are necessarily bad. For example, best location data may be useful for applications such as Cortana. Make up your mind so good or you really want to put out an option-they are not only in order to spy on you!

If you click on ’ next ’, you’ll see a number of additional options.

Again you can set manually what you do and do not want to send it to Microsoft. Pay particular attention to the third option: ’ create automatically connects to the proposed open hotspots. ’ This gives your computer (if you are using a laptop) permission to automatically sign on public Wi-Fi networks, which often unsafe.

Another important step to mention is this: Your Microsoft account

In this step, it seems that you necessarily windows 10 activation need to have an account (for example, Outlook) at Microsoft for a computer you can use, but that is not true. Allows you to cycle through the large buttons not be fooled, but click ’ skip this step ’. You make as a local account on your system, which you are not connected to Microsoft.

You can now use your Windows 10-pc without too much data to Microsoft.

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