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Windows 7-this copy of Windows is not genuine

Recently on your desktop in the lower-right corner of this Importunate appeared the inscription. At the same time missing wallpaper. This happened in connection with the latest update from buy window s7 product key Microsoft for “seven”.

All owners of a nelicinzionnoj copy of Windows7, whose Control Panel has been disabled automatic windows 7 updates, got this inscription on the computer.

How to get rid of this annoying lettering and restore desktop theme? Try to understand.

Will have to abandon the automatic updates. To do this, go to menu-start-> > Control Panel-> update-> disable.
You must uninstall the KB971033 Windows Update due to which all happened and then activated Activator. You will need windows 7 professional product key a program to remove KB971033 and Activator.
Before applying the above programmes, need a little clean up system:
-via the Control Panel-administrative tools-services > >-you must find and stop the service “software protection”;

-Control Panel-folder options-> > open view tab and put the situation-> show hidden files, folders and drives-> then OK;

-Open via the my computer folder in Windows-system32 >. In the upper-right corner of the search find two files with the extension. C7483456-A289-439d-8115-601632D005A0 and safely delete them;


-run back through the Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Service > > “software protection”.

Run the program to uninstall the update KB971033, wait until the process is restarted, run the Activator-> click activation wait for activation, restart the computer and use the normal activated Windows7.
Of course, we have disabled automatic updates, and thus refused the important updates that there aren’t very good. Therefore, if you are an experienced user, go to automatic update and put the update mode with user notification about the installation. At the question about the update KB971033 update, refuse, differently again get into the same trap.

Learn about genuine Windows 10 product key and how to activate Windows 10 with product key.

If you are not an experienced user-don’t worry. Do not include Windows Update, instead, put a good antivirus and all will be well.

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