Create a Windows 10 installation media

We have seen how to upgrade the system, now let’s see how to create a Windows 10 installation media to do a clean install. Attention, in this case, the Setup mode is not an update. It is therefore not the framework or Windows 10 is free for one year (until July 28, 2016). It is only in the case of the update. However, Microsoft States in its FAQ that it is possible to reinstall Windows 10 fully and enable it after installing Windows 10 in update mode for the first time on this hardware.

Let’s see now how to create installation media Windows 10 to do a clean install (clean install) of Windows 10. This windows 10 product key corresponds to erasing the hard disk installation and not an update or the old system remains on the hard disk. Consider making a backup of all your data before because, in this case, it erases what is present on the hard disk.

Download sources
If a request for confirmation of execution appears. Click on Yes to validate. Then choose Create an installation media for another PC. Then click on next.

On the next window choose the language. If your pc is very old, you can take the 32-bit version. If your PC is recent or has over 4 GB of RAM, use the 64-bit version. Choose the Windows 10 family edition for home. Windows 10 Professional for the job.

You are then asked the media to use. You can then choose a USB (pendrive more than 3 GB) media or choose ISO file. The ISO file can then be burned onto a DVD or used in different ways. The windows 10 update simplest is to create a USB key directly. The use of ISO remains however interesting, for example, if your PC cannot boot from USB. Plug the USB and choose it on the next window

The download is then launched.

Please wait. This step may be long as it fully download the sources of Windows 10, around 3 GB. Once you have downloaded the files, the tool will create your media.
At the end, you have a support of allowing the installation of Windows 10. It should now boot from the USB stick to boot the computer.

And if you do not want to do it yourself, you can buy installation media, sold with a license. To do this, you can use the Amazon link below.