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The – choice is for defragmenting the VMDK about the host filesystem, it doesn’t go through the VMDK’S items whatsoever. Blocks that are zeroed out are worked off of by shrinking. To not become most ineffective it will help to really have a defragmented guest OS filesystem with all free space blocks zeroed out’s remainder. To defrag HFS in OSX you should use an utility like iDefrag ($). You can also produce a new VMDK use Computer Power to copy over HFS thereby defragging by content and add it for your OS-X guest, you’ll get a minimally designated VMDK yet. You can also utilize Computer Application in the VM to zero out the space that is free: select the partition in Drive Electricity, then head to the Erase bill, choose “Remove Free-Space. “, then “Zero Deleted Documents Out “, and press OK. From then on, suspend or turn off the VM, and use the decrease (-k) control in vdiskmanager around the host-side to completely clean up the zeroed out blocks.

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That is essentially what the Decrease control in Resources does. I’ll document a bug since there must not be something specific about it, to permit diminishing HFS amounts from the command line Tools. Resurrecting a line that is very old – it’d become a function that is great if the’clean-up online machine’ choice could zero free space in OSX visitors out like it does in Windows.